Two-player turn-based iPhone games for Dad and Teen
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I'm looking for two-player turn-based iPhone app games, ideally with a little bit of chat and that don't require sharing information or logging in.

So I'd like to be a slightly larger part of Master15's iPhone life, by playing a turn-based game with him.

Chess would be ideal, but there are many chess apps, and every one I look at seems to require a login and personal information and so forth - I'd be happy with a code to enter or an email invite to play. Can anyone recommend a simple chess app?

And can anyone recommend any other iPhone-based two-player game app that might fit the bill?
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notation, e.g. e2-e4 + photo board
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Upwords does use the Apple game infrastructure but you’re probably logged into that by default.

If you’ve never played, it’s a fun scrabble-like game that allows/requires a lot more creativity.
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The Battle of Polytopia is a Civ-lite turn based game that lasts 30-40 turns. There's no chat but my friends and I trash talk on an iMessage thread.
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