iPad puzzles and games for a 20-month-old
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Flying in the face of scientists' warnings, my wife and I allow our child to play with the iPad from time to time. She's outgrown most of the apps she previously played with -- does anyone have any recommendations for good puzzle, games, and educational apps that would be age-appropriate and interesting for a twenty-month-old? Thanks.
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Endless Alphabet

Starfall ABCs

Bugs and Buttons (and Bugs and Bubbles, and Bugs and Buttons 2)

Everything Toca Boca

Sago Mini Bug Builder

My PlayHome and My PlayHome Stores

Build a Train

My child is terrible at Bus Derby but loves it anyway

DragonBox is a little old for her, but my four-year-old is all the way up through the fourth world on it. It teaches algebra through symbolic manipulation as a game, like "Box equals nighttime tomato divided by dragonfly." Superfun! I'd put it on there and let her discover it and mess with it.
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My critter loves the puzzles by SunGround. We're an Android household, so the google play link here won't do anything for you, but I bet they have something for iOS too.

Also, maybe FishFarts. That was a big hit around here for that age.
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Baby kestrel is only 18 months, but here are some that seem age appropriate for a slightly older kid too:

Duck duck moose's Itsy Bitsy Spider (their wheels on the bus app is v annoying)

Sandra Boynton's books on iPad rock -- very interactive

Something called 'pop' -- can pop balloons, corn, set off fireworks

(Sorry no links; am on phone)
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The monster at the end of this book is a HUGE hit here. HUGE.
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Monkey Preschool Lunchbox.

It's a little above 20 months, but you never know what she'll be into.
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I strongly second Eyebrows suggestions of everything by Toca Boca. Yes, everything. And also Endless Alphabet.
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toca boba is great because you can then also play it as adults while drinking after your kids have gone to bed.

i babysit some kids who thought Tiny Tiger was pretty cool. you can give him different outfits in one game, play whack a mole in another, and do a matching game. the outfits is just tapping the body part and the particular item cycles through various costumes, so pretty easy.
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Two by Two is a nicely-designed matching game the kid might enjoy.
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For puzzles, we've really enjoyed Lola's Beach Puzzles and Puzzingo.

I also HIGHLY recommend getting one of the versions of 123 Color. (I think we have the International Version, which costs more up-front but includes all the coloring books, rather than having them as in-app purchases.) My kids have loved this from ages 2-6.
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My kiddo got the hang of the puzzles in Tozzle at around 24 months.

Also the whole peek-a-boo barn/ farm etc series.
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Starfall's All About Me
Toca Boca: yes!
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