what terminal is my flight at?
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I am flying porter airlines from SFO to Toronto. My email from porter says I am at terminal i (not 1). But I do not see a terminal i. Some sources say porter leaves from international terminal A, some say from Harvey Milk. Anyone know what's up?
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Response by poster: (porter site says it's at gate C36 but does not name the terminal)
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I think that email is referring to the international terminal. The SFO flight tracker, if you search departures for Porter, shows their flight to Toronto as leaving out of the international terminal, gate B2. Screencap of results.
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Sounds like it's the International terminal? Check this page for more information about the international terminal of SFO.
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Best answer: Some of the new smaller airlines have a check-in counter in one terminal and the gate in another. If you don't have to check in luggage, then go directly to the gate terminal.
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Best answer: SF Resident here.

"I" refers to "international terminal", but it actually has two arms, A (south) and G (north). It is also linked to Terminal 1 (B gates) and Terminal 3 (F gates) respectively. As @DirtyOldTown have shown with screenshot, you're departing from B2, which is directly between the A "arm" and the B "arm".

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Response by poster: Ah!! Thanks all! I can confirm. My question was:

Do I need to be at

- terminal 1
- or terminal i
- or terminal A
- or Harvey Milk Terminal

The answer is "yes"

The "I" that was on my ticket looked just like a "1", but it did not mean terminal 1, it meant terminal "i", which means you have to go to one of the two international terminals, in this case, terminal "A". This was where check-in was. The gate was near by at the Harvey Milk Terminal, which is AKA Terminal 1 (not i).

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