Seeing a neurologist for migraines later. I have a headache. Suck it up?
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I have an appointment for later today to see a neurologist about migraines. I have a headache now. I don't know if it's a migraine, yet. Should I throw my usual pound of OTC pills at it, or is there some benefit to actually having the headache when I go? To further complicate things, if I take medication now I may be able to forestall anything absolutely terrible and I have to take my son to baseball tonight (out in the sun) and it would be absolutely miserable to have a migraine tonight.
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Best answer: I have been a headache patient (chronic daily headache) for thirty years now. There is no benefit to having a headache when you see the doctor. They'll ask you lots of questions about what kind of pain you experience, but being in the pain while there is of no benefit. Forestall the headache, and hopefully the neurologist will have some better options for you than your usual pound of OTC meds.
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Best answer: Take meds earlier in the course, don't wait it out.

The history and pattern is more important than the active.
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Best answer: Thirding take meds! <3

If you were at a point where they planned to do some kind of imaging on you while you had a headache, they'd definitely have told you about it.
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Best answer: Yes, they’re going to be interested in the larger picture of what your headaches generally look like. Spare yourself and take the meds. They won’t be able to tell anything from the headache you have today.
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Response by poster: Thanks all...took the meds
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My doctor (and our local ER) always say not to delay taking necessary medications, whether for fever or pain or whatever. Just document when you took it and the dose, in case they are interested.
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I went for an MRI once when I had a migraine, and took nothing, thinking they'd be able to see it. Nope. The technician looked at me like I was nuts.
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