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It seems that every weekend there is the most awful live punk music playing in the park. WHY only pink music?? Yeah, yeah the East Village, punk, sure, but we're not all punk rock fans and the lands are SO LOUD that as far as I'm. concerned the park is virtually Unusable by the likes of a 73-year-old like me. Is there any way I can complain? I'm sure as hell not going to call 311! Is there a schedule of music anywhere that I can see? Any string quartets coming in future weeks? Folk music?? Or is that too West Village?
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Response by poster: Punk not pink...I'm in the park right now on my phone with an addled brain
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It's too complicated for me to boil down into anything more than tradition. The Tompkins Square Riot WP page details the history of the park and it's symbolism that makes it an expected place for what you're experiencing. I suppose in other words, "that's life in the big city, kid "
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Heh, you would think there would be a calendar somewhere that would have that, but seems like it's maybe more like Union Square, in that a lot of artists play punk and metal there in more impromptu fashion. There's supposed to be at least one SummerStage show there later in the summer, but none of the official calendars have any music on them right now.
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There's a Friends of Tomkins Square Park, with a newsletter and a call for volunteers to plant things. Maybe that would be a place to start learning more.
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There's usually a report in EV Grieve some time in the week beforehand. I don't think this one was caught, although I also didn't think they were too bad.

The historical tradition for these shows is very strong (you probably noted how old the band was!) and I don't think they're going away any time soon. You picked the East Village to live's probably the most organic cultural tradition that's survived the bros.
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Noise is something NYC government is pretty good about.

You should try the Community Board and the City Councilwoman.

Why wouldn't you call 311? It's the city's primary quality-of-life feedback channel.
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Calling 311 on permitted activities that don't exceed the boundaries of the permit isn't going to accomplish much.
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