Where do I get breakfast in Gilroy, CA?
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Breakfast in Gilroy, CA?

A friend of mine just got his motorcycle license this last week, and I'd like to take him on a nice, easy weekend morning ride. Normally my weekend breakfast runs are to Alice's in Woodside (of course), but highway 9's a little bit advanced for someone new. I live right near a few nice roads that go down to Gilroy, but I don't know where's a good diner-style breakfast place down there. Any suggestions?
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Theres a Black Bear diner/restaurant just north of downtown. (I forget which exit.) Its decent. (Better than dennys, at least)
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Not sure how close Castroville is to Gilroy, but the Giant Artichoke has great artichoke omelettes, not to mention a 10' concrete atrichoke out front.
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corrected link Giant Atrichoke
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I don't know how far you want to ride, but there's a place in Carmel Valley (at mid-valley) called Jefferey's, which has great breakfast.
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A little further north in Morgan Hill. Go to Just Breakfast and enjoy the hash browns.
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Second the Black Bear Diner, especially if you're into huge portions.
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I heartily endorse the Giant Artichoke for any meal(get the french-fried artichoke hearts)-- but Castroville is about 30 minutes drive away from Gilroy and the shortest way there takes Hecker Pass. Hecker pass would be tremendous fun for an experienced rider but dangerous for a newbie.
In Hollister, south of Gilroy there is a place called "Casa de Fruta" which was pretty good back when that was my stomping grounds. I vaguely remember a waiter flipping coffee cups.
There was an absolutely fantastic buffet in Morgan Hill called the Flying Lady, but I understand it isn't there anymore. *sniff* They had hundreds of model airplanes flying around the ceiling on a track.
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I'm gonna third the Black Bear. yum!!
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