Desperately Seeking Suse (Linux)
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I need to find a source for DVD Suse ISOs.

I'm looking for Suse version 10 or 10.1, and the ISO must be on a DVD. I don't mess with CD ISOs anymore.

Further, no Eval versions, and I don't want the Live DVD, I want the Install DVD. And no Betas.

A torrent is fine, as long as it's still being seeded. I know that the 10.1 DVD isn't due out until 1 week from today, but I'm thinking that maybe someone has already made a DVD and has posted the ISO somewhere.

OpenSuse is fine with me, but I can't seem to get their download page to let me see Version 10 downloads. It's all 10.1 now, and no DVD install ISO there.

I Googled around quite a bit, but it's all Betas, LiveDVDs, and Eval versions.

Please, help a budding Linux geek out!
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This is the first link from Google with a 'suse 10 dvd torrent' search string.
posted by Mean Mr. Bucket at 9:24 AM on May 11, 2006

Hmmm...Looks like no seeders on that torrent...yet. I'll give it a bit.

Any other suggestions?
posted by SlyBevel at 9:32 AM on May 11, 2006

The DVD is being released next week, IIRC.
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And for what it's worth, if you find a 10.1 RC5 DVD, that's the same as 10.1 Final.
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Eh jeez, you knew about the DVD already. Nevermind.
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I did a search for "suse mirrors" and found their mirror list. From there, select a mirror near you, and descend to /install/10.0/iso/

For instance, here's's mirror:

The DVD image is in there. Have fun!
posted by dammitjim at 7:16 AM on May 12, 2006

It's life, Jim, but not as we know it.

This is what I was looking for. Thanks!
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One last thing before I mark fave on that...I know that the SRC DVD is the source code...Will it install?

I've found the SRC DVDs already, but I don't know if they'll be functional once I pull them down and burn the ISO. Do you know?
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Hm. I have never installed SUSE myself, so I can't say for sure. I didn't notice the "SRC" part of the filename when I posted that. It may not be what you need. It seems like Novell may be keeping the best experience (DVD full installer) for their paying customers.

Incidentally, there is another directory for opensuse on that same mirror: But they don't seem to have DVD isos, just CDs.
posted by dammitjim at 8:02 AM on May 12, 2006

Found this:

Thanks all!
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