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Hi! There are 2 songs I am in love with from Taylor's new album. I would love recommendations for others I may like.

I am absolutely obsessed with How did it End...the ethereal sound especially the "uh uhs" at the beginning. I just love it start to finish. I also love the smallest man who ever lived beginning with "were you sent by someone" and then everything after that.

I would love some other songs you think would speak to me. Female vocalists preferred but not mandatory. I know everything by Banks from each album, ditto Julien Baker (though not that familiar with the Sprained Ankle EP but somewhat), know the 2 famous Phoebe Bridgers albums, I know all of Folklore and Evermore and most of Midnights and Reputation but not other stuff from Taylor's catalog really. I know Tori Amos from Scarlett's Walk and earlier. Know the 2 Billie Eilish albums. That's about it for anywhere I think you may think of a sound-alike from? I am open to anything that reminds you of either song--thanks!
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Fiona Apple's Tidal album gets the female rage with piano vibes of Smallest Man
Halsey's If I cant have love I want power is a fantastic album that runs more rock (it was produced by Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor) and is all smart female rage
Funny enough I would maybe go back to some Sarah Mclachlan (fumbling towards ecstasy is a good place to start) for the ethereal sound
Lorde's Melodrama might be great for you as well
Billie has a new album coming tomorrow!
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The first thing I thought of when I heard the beginning of How Did It End was Wolf Alice. Check out Lipstick On The Glass and The Last Man On Earth. These songs also have “Lullaby versions” which are a bit more chill if you’d prefer.
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You might like some of BENEE, some of her stuff is very NSFW and a bit cynical/pragmatic but this is NZ so par for the course, but this track is more chill.
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The 'uhuhs' at the beginning of How Did It End remind me of Stereolab-

Stereolab - Come Play in the Milky Night

Stereolab- Slow Fast Hazel

The piano structure very similar to Sarah McLachlan songs.

For Smallest Man,
Alanis Morisette also has an entire album of angry songs, but all these are much more rockin' than Taylors quiet, more vocals forward, music back songs on Tortured Poets..
Alanis Morisette - You Oughta Know

Juliana Hatfield too. - Swan Song
Amanda Green - On the Way Out has similar tempo shifts between the verse and chorus but is much more swinging and has the sort of distorted vocals.

Liz Phair - Glory is in the same vein.
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