What movie am I thinking of?
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About 10 or 20 years ago, I saw a trailer for an intriguing movie. Here's what I remember: A troupe of Shakespearean actors is stranded in a remote location when their train breaks down. I think they were somewhere in Australia.

My recollection was that this was more of a drama than a gritty survival story (I don't think the actors were in any real danger). I may have some of the details wrong:
  • Maybe they were on a bus not a train
  • Possibly not in Australia
  • Possibly regular stage actors, not Shakespearean
It's definitely not these movies or series, which were suggested by ChatGPT:
  • Station 11
  • Priscilla, Queen of the Desert
  • Transsiberian
  • Snowpiercer
Any leads? My Google fu is getting me nowhere.
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The Band's Visit?
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In the Bleak Mid-Wiinter, with Kenneth Branagh?
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Best answer: Maybe The King is Alive?
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Response by poster: Pretty sure it was The King is Alive. Not quite the way I remember it, but most of the pieces fit. Plus, I see that Roger Ebert reviewed it, and I think that's how I originally learned about the movie.

Thanks go out to @dizziest.
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The Band's Visit?

This was my guess, the date's about right; but that film happens in Israel with an Egyptian police band and a bus, not with Shakespearean actors on a train in Australia.
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No stranding in the desert but an early Merchant-Ivory b/w film Shakespeare Wallah features a group of actors traveling around India performing plays and loosely based their real life story. Felicity Kendal, Shashi Kapoor, Madhur Jaffrey.
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