Where can I send my friend to look for a job as a graphic designer in or around Springfield, Missouri?
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What is the market like for graphic designers around Springfield, MO?

I’m inquiring on behalf of a friend who lives in Springfield, and needs a decent job. I work in the advertising/marketing agency circuit in New York, but I don’t know how much similarity there is between the two job markets.

Is there an employee’s market for some specialty skill, or in some specialty field? Are there headhunters for designers in the area? What ad agencies are there these days? I remember Noble and Associates, but it’s been 15 years since I lived there. I bet he’d consider doing freelance work, possibly even as far away as Kansas City or St. Louis if he could telecommute most of the time. Are there any places to steer clear of entirely?

His details: designer for many years at a crappy job (screen printing company) where he feels that his skills may have atrophied due to very limited software resources and repetitive work. His experience is mostly in producing vector art. He has great draftsmanship, and I bet if he had some positive experience again it would reinvigorate his creative spirit, but at the moment I think just having a decent-paying job using his skills would be enough of a victory.
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Noble and Associates is still active.

Another person to contact would be Whitaker Publishing. They publish several "Lifestyle" magazines (417 comes to mind) and an indie entertainment rag that I write for--they seem to be fairly sizable.

I believe Bass Pro Shops hire a number of graphic designers for their catalog department, too.

Here's a list of publishers in Missouri if he's looking the periodical route.
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There are other ad agencies here, but I am on my way to work. I'll try to scare some up for you later today.
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He might also check out down in Branson, as well (about 35 miles away). A few small shops in town, but they get a good amount of creative/fun business because of all the tourism. I'll post some business names a bit later, email in my profile if you have any questions.
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