On The Road and Need Trolley Bag Wheel Repair
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I'm in Bangkok traveling and have noticed a wheel on my trusty 15 y/o North Face 35l roller is damaged. I don't have a Thai phone number so can't buy replacement wheels on Lazada, I can buy these ones on US Amazon and get them shipped from China, or maybe I can fill the gap with a strong glue - is that worth a shot?
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Best answer: If you are in Bangkok for a few days why not get it professionally repaired? A quick googling brings up recommendations for a repair shop called Bring It Bag near Saphan Taksin BTS. I've never used it, but repairing luggage is a pretty straightforward service.
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I live in Bangkok. You can use my Lazada account if you want.

Alternatively, you can get a SIM card that will give you a typo number at any 7-Eleven. Just make sure to bring your passport.
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Response by poster: @ tavegyl: perfect, thank you - I'm only a few stops away!
@ matkline: thanks for the offer!
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