Brief resource about sensory processing disorder?
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I have a sensory processing disorder. I don’t have good aural and visual “filters”. Do you know of a good resource that I might give HR or possibly any others to briefly explain this disorder? I am thinking of one page or less. Ideally, the resource wouldn’t be focused on autism, but I am open.
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Best answer: Have you looked through the stuff available at JAN (Job Accommodation Network)? They don't have a section on sensory processing disorders specifically but the section on Auditory Processing Disorder or Information Processing limitations might be useful.
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Best answer: I'd also suggest JAN's resources. Here's a brief article from them on sensory processing disorder that might cover some of what you need.
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Best answer: Hope this isn't too far outside the scope of what you're looking for! Might be more suited for showing to friends and family than in a work setting. It's focused on autism, but because it's an audiovisual sketch, I've found it a great tool for conveying what sensory processing disorder might feel & sound like, from "inside" the experience.
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Response by poster: The simulation is really good! And the JAN resources are good, too. Thank you!
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