What are the various podcast software stacks in use today?
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I'm curious as to what people use to capture audio and edit together podcasts.

The only audio editing software I've ever used is Audacity, which doesn't have a great interface and has had some licensing and privacy issues as well.
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Audition is popular in the VO and podcasting world.
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I’ve had a friend who does professional podcast work mention using Hindenburg.
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Riverside.fm for recording remote interviews. MOTU Digital Performer for editing and mixing. Izotope RX plugins for noise reduction.
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Audio capture for "professional" podcasts (for whatever value of professional you'd like to attach) is normally done by each speaker recording their own audio locally, while the "host" records a master track with all audio together for syncing purposes. On the Mac (the platform I'm most familiar with), this is often done by using Audio Hijack to route microphone output directly to a file. Each speaker then provides their individual audio track to an editor, who syncs all of the tracks together and then does a final edit.

The syncing is done in a lot of different editors, but the few I hear about most often are Logic Pro, Adobe Audition, Avid Pro Tools, sometimes Reaper, and occasionally Ferrite for iPad.

Editing is sometimes done in the same program, and sometimes there's another pass in something like Descript. If you've not used a tool like Descript, it is honestly like magic...watch a few of the video examples to see what I mean.
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Source Connect is what I've heard of people using for remote voiceover sessions. As in live sessions, where the vocal track is being recorded by a producer or engineer hosting the session, and the talent's local recording is basically just a buffer.

Hindenburg looks interesting. Riverside and Descript too.
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