Goodbye Google Podcasts
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The Google Podcast app will no longer work after April 2nd. I could merge all my podcasts onto Google Music (which I pay for), but the interface is crowded and clunky and I would like to keep my music separate from podcasts. What free Android podcast apps do you recommend?
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Podcast Addict
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I liked Pocket Casts so much when I had an Android that I continued to use it after getting an iPhone. The other podcast app that I think has a great combination of sleek interface and customizability is Overcast.
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Best answer: Antenna Pod
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Another vote for Pocket Casts
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Seconding Pocket Casts. I’ve used it on both Android and iOS, and I loved it so much I sprang for the annual subscription (14.99) which gives you access to perks like 20 GB cloud storage, additional themes/icons and desktop/web apps.
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Pocket Casts.
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Second for Podcast Addict!
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Pocket Casts but they have jacked their prices on the paid version recently. Overcasts looks like a better deal.
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Been with PocketCasts for 12 years.
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Overcast is iOS only, unfortunately for the OP.

I'd second PocketCasts, but I'm not entirely sure what the limitations (if any) of the free version are nowadays--I started off using that on Android and did one-time paid versions for both that and iOS, and so I think maybe I'm grandfathered into some version that still has a mix of basic and premium features.

But the cross platform syncing is particularly great if you are in both ecosystems in any way.
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Pocket Casts works superbly well. I have never needed the paid version.
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Also used pocket casts for a decade on both apple and android ecosystems and haven't had any issues. I did purchase the web app access a long time ago and as such haven't had to compare recurring costs against some other platform.
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I hate that Google pushes you to switch to YouTube Music but won't save your place in a podcast and starts playing from the beginning of the episode every time. Sure, that's how everyone wants that to work!
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At first I didn't love Pocketcasts because I really missed seeing a list of all new episodes across my podcasts (like the Google Podcasts view). Then I figured out this is totally possible - under Filters. I created a New Filter and selected Release Date - 2 weeks, then named it New Releases. Quick and easy!
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Antenna Pod, for sure.
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