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PosterFilter: Help me find a poster of Space Colony artwork that jwz blogged about yesterday.

I found Syd Mead's stuff, but it's not quite the same. I want the old school feel. Links to good poster sites will be appreciated as well.
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Well, the comments on jwz's blog say the artist is Don Davis, and on his website, he says you can contact him about prints.

You might also get into Vincent DiFate (I thought the pix in question were by him at first, actually) or Frank Kelly Freas.
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I searches everywhere for these prints about two years ago, and didn't have any luck. And while he does sell prints of other artwork on his site, he didn't have any of his space colony works.

I would be ecstatic if someone found them.
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BTW, what I found was that the "publication quality" photos linked to on the NASA site actually print decently at 8in x 11in. And, Nasa images are generally Copyright Free.

It's not an ideal solution, but it still looks great on the wall.
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