Kdrama and animal cruelty?
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Watching Tale of the Nine-Tailed and I realized I don't know...do Kdramas have anti-animal cruelty rules? Was what I watched "real" or faked? Because if it's real Netflix can flip right off... (I don't recommend this show for the reasons of animal cruelty being portrayed, obviously I'm not going into details...)
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According to this Korea Herald article, yes and no: there are (or were as of 2022) no laws or regulations specifically about animal treatment on set. There is an Animal Protection Act about animal cruelty in general as well as specifically about "companion animals", but the law leaves substantial room for interpretation.

It looks like things might be changing, at least with respect to studios regulating themselves. (Interestingly, it says that Hollywood's animal cruelty standards are also a result of public pressure, self-regulation, and oversight from the American Humane Association rather than legal requirements.)

I don't know if what you saw was real or not.
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