Only seeing the first two paragraphs is irksome at best.
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Some search results for me lead to what seem to be podcast stubs on, which have 1-3 opening paragraphs and then stop. Apparently they are podcast teasers. I do not like them. I would strongly prefer to see the entire article or column in text, so I can skim it quickly. Example

Some Googling says there should be an "options" button or sometimes a transcript link, but I don't see either. I am considering just blocking the Washington Post entirely because this is maddening. No, I do not want to sit still for your entire podcast.

How can I just _see the entire article_ (so I can quickly skim for the "punchline").

Dear Washington Post: stop it. Display something that is clearly "Description: Astor Podcastor examines playing pinochle with his aunt, and other options for family game connection." Don't drop readers into an article and then end abruptly mid- or pre- content. Thank you.
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"I would strongly prefer to see the entire article or column in text, so I can skim it quickly. "

I'm sure a lot of people would, but The Washington Post requires a subscription to access most content.

That link you sent isn't a podcast, it's a regular article that requires a Washington Post account/subscription. If you just sign up without paying, you'll get access to a few free articles per month.

if you're using Safari, sometimes you can read an entire article by clicking the ""Reader View" button.

You might want to post a new link to a podcast so we can see what you're seeing, but chances are, there's not going to be a link to a freely available transcript, because that's not what the Washing Post does.
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Yes, you are getting paywalled out. I have a log-in and see an entire column in text.
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Two options: will get around most paywalls for most pasted in URLs.
• Look for it archived at
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previously on metafilter
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For the sake of comparison, here is a gift link to that same article so you can see what you would see if you were a subscriber. “Listen to this” doesn’t mean it’s a podcast with no transcript, it just means it’s an article with an audio version for accessibility.
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Response by poster: uggggh That's what I thought it was at _first_, but the lack of a prominent [enough] "Subscribe to see the rest..." notice had me going in circles. I just... yuck. Done.
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Do you run some sort of popup blocker? That would explain why you’re missing the ‘subscribe’ notice if so.
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Yeah, you probably have some kind of popup blocker going. I do, too, but I still see a GIANT white banner thing that comes up and says "Treat yourself to unlimited access and save over 75%" along with 2 options to subscribe at different levels and also the option to give them your email address which presumably opens up access to a few more free articles per month, or visit the WP subscription page with tons of print & online subscription options.

Anyway it is indeed annoying but understandable that publications need people to pay for their content and can't just give it away for free in unlimited amounts.
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