O'Reilly Parodies.
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Have you noticed anyone parodying Bill O'Reilly on TV?

Ever Since Stephen Colbert's show premiered, I noticed that he parodied Bill O'Reilly's style on the O'Reilly Factor. I would really be interested in finding out if anyone else (comedian or otherwise) parodies Bill O'Reilly on television. Once I learn who parodies Bill, I'll try to catch a clip of it on TV, internet, or video.
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The Wikipedia discussion of O'Reilly parodies references Colbert, Saturday Night Live, and Mad TV.
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Best answer: Olbermann. Olbermann. Olbermann. Often.

(His is not an outright imitative parody, usually, but Keith does a great job of highlighting O'Reilly's asshat-ery.)
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saturday night live - click for transcripts.
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