Calling all botanists:
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I'm trying to track down a flower I encountered once a few years ago, but I don't know what it's called.

The description: I saw an arrangement of hot pink, thick-stalked flowers with petals that were in a dense round cluster shape. I found these at an exclusive florist who told me she purchased them for $6 a stem and that she didn't get them every year as they were not only expensive but also tended to be hard to find. (I believe she said she had them shipped from Israel). The flowers were cut very short, but I'm not sure if it's because the stems were naturally short or because that was the look she had chosen.

The flowers were definitely not gerberas, though those are the closest to my description I have been able to find.

Does anyone recognize this description, or know where I might be able to find an answer?
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Was it a a dahlia perhaps? There are even "dinnerplate dahlias" where the flowers get to be 10 inches across.

They are a little fussy as they grow from underground tubers that have to be dug up every year in most climates.
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Maybe a variety of chrysanthemum?
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Aster maybe? Here is an Israeli exporter, maybe you'll spot it in the catalogue.
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Best answer: you might also look at peonies, which are dense round clusters, often in hot pink.
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Best answer: Not especially thick-stalked, but the phrase "dense, round cluster shape" makes me think of ranunculus.
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How about waratah? Or maybe a protea?
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Hydrangea? Or, hydrangea? And a few words about hydrangeas.
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i love anemones, and they kinda look like gerbs sometimes.
dont think they come in hot pink tho. (i wouldnt know)
the white ones with dark centers are pretty, very artsy and graphic i think. none of these are exclusively from israel; i hope im not throwing you off.

any chance its a poppy? very best of luck on your quest.
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