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The United States Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) offers a bunch of free independent study online classes. There's interesting material in a bunch of those. I would prefer to skim the printable, all-in-one-HTML-page versions of the curricula rather than clicking through a hundred screens for each course. For many courses I can easily find the relevant link, but I'd like to work out how to download ALL of them; help me figure out the URL scheme? Also, for recent courses I can't; are there any, and if so, where?

1. bulk downloading requires I figure out this URL scheme

I can't just hand-hack the URLs to get at all the printable versions, because the printable versions' paths include a numbered filename and I haven't worked out the numbering scheme -- I could use help with that. Example URLs:





IS 904:

When I look at the course descriptions and curicula, I can't work out a reason for those file numbers (89.html, 97.html, etc.) I suspect they reflect an internal numbering system separate from the publicly visible course catalog numbers.

Is there a rhyme and reason to the filenames for the printable versions I can find, so I could bulk-download them programmatically?

2. is there a printable version at all?

Here's an example of one where I can find the full printable version: IS-951: DHS Radio Interoperability. Course description links to the Interactive Web Based Course, and that redirects to which then offers a link labelled "Select this link to access a printable version of this entire course." That's a bit of JavaScript but a new window pops up that shows me which is the course materials as one big HTML page.

Example where I cannot find the printable version: IS-368.A: Including People With Disabilities in Disaster Operations. Its interactive web-based course clearly uses a different, newer course presentation framework than does the IS-951 course. Page 5 says "Select this link to access a printable version of this lesson." but there's no hyperlink.

Another example: IS-318.A has a web-based course that also seems to use this newer framework. It doesn't even mention the printable full text version as far as I've read.

Those two courses both mention a "course date" this month (November 2023) so I suspect that courses created or updated very recently are using this new framework; if old courses get migrated to this new framework then I think I'll lose access to the full printable versions.

So: please help me find whether there are full printable versions of the courses published in the newer framework? If so, where are they?
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I suggest giving the FEMA Independent Study Program a call [(301) 447-1200] with your question. (I found the number on the bottom of this page). Point out that a web-only interface is a potential access issue. Not everyone has internet access...especially during emergencies. If you aren't up for a phone call, you can try tagging FEMA in a tweet.

There are multiple ways to convert an html file to a pdf (or even print directly from an html file) if you are able to get the full course in a single html file.
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The FAQ also has this:
What should I do if I have problems downloading materials or submitting my Independent Study (IS) exam?

Please see our Before you Begin: technical requirements at

If a problem still exists, please send an email to with a detailed error description.
So maybe that email address would also be useful.
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