Local folder not synching to the correct GDrive folder
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I have managed to confuse the hell out of myself. I got a new computer, and I can't seem to get GDrive to synch in the way my previous setup did. Windows 10 PC

I'm using the "mirror files" option where the files are stored locally and in the cloud, and they're kept in synch.

I recently got a new computer. I cloned the setup, so that I didn't have to reinstall any of my software or settings.

Now my local GDrive folder is no longer synching with the cloud version.

In my GDrive settings, "mirrored files" is selected, and the correct local folder is indicated.
Here's where I think the problem is and this it the bit I don't understand (or one of them):
With my new setup, there seem to be two GDrive folders.
One is my old local one, address is C:\Users\user
Another is a separate drive - G:

The old local folder still has all the content, but it's not synched to the cloud version it used to be synched to.

The G: version has a two folders - they seem to correspond to the folders in my GDrive "my computers" settings.

I tried adding the old local folder in the "my computers" settings on my GDrive. That has resulted in all my GDrive content being duplicated in the cloud storage -
on the cloud version, there's the files there used to be, and there is an added folder in "My Computers" with all the local folder's data.

I have already backed everything up on a separate drive, so my data should be safe while I figure this out, but I'm getting really confused.

How can I get a setup back where my local folder is synched to the cloud version of that folder on GDrive? Or am I misunderstanding how this works in some fundamental way?
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Response by poster: OK I think I might have solved this, putting this here in case anyone else needs to know:

It looks like I had to create a new local folder on my PC, and allow that to synch with the cloud. It would not let me re establish the link with the old one.

I found where to do this at Grdrive desktop app > Preferences (top right corner gear icon)
Choose "Goodle drive - folders from your drive" on the left, then choose the gear icon at the top right again. This gives access to the "settings" dialog where you can specify what the local folder should be.

The folder has to be empty, so I couldn't point to the old folder. I'm guessing this will mean all my files have to download again to the new local folder, but hopefully after that it will synch as before.
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Response by poster: NOPE I was wrong that doesn't work. It just moves the virtual drive, not the local folder.
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