How do I store Grolsch bottles?
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Homebrewers, how do you store your Grolsch bottles?

It's easy to find cases for 12-oz bottles, of course, but has anyone found a good case for larger bottles? My local homebrew supply store gave me a really cheap box (I assume it's what their bottles came in), but it's not really strong enough to hold bottles full of beer.
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For odd-sized bottles, I just use regular cases with the dividers taken out.
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Plastic milk crates.
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I use fold-it-yourself office/file boxes, they are sturdy and hold 20 bottles without too much wiggle room
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Try going to the local bar or package store (liquor store) and see if they have any of those heavy (reusable) waxed cardboard boxes, then cut your own dividers out of regular boxes. Or do what I do. Drink it before you have to worry about storage.
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Seriously - why keep them? It's a dead, pasteurised beer. It will not taste better the longer you keep it. Honestly, there's no point. Drink it, then choose a real beer.
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Apologies - I spotted the "homebrewers" a little late. Ooops.
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Since you're coming to with brewing questions (not that there's anything wrong with that), I assume you're not familiar with the BeerAdvocate forums. Check 'em out.
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Another ridiculously underutilized site is the Brews & Views BBoard. Amazingly helpful folks.
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Is 12oz 500ml?

If so, milk crates.
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