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I am writing a term paper right now on Virtual Community (surprise - I am using MeFi as my case study!). Can I ask people here if they consider MeFi to be a 'real' community? Why or why not? (Interpret 'real' as you will). Also, any links to prior MeTa discussion on this topic would be grrreat. Thanks!
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'Community' seems a fairly nebulous term to me. Its use to refer to all the people who happen to be in a geographical area, or who fit some very general characteristics means that it has little value. If you adopt some definition such that it is a group of people who actually come together to communicate around a central concept (however generally that concept is defined) then I'd say we are a stronger community than others which are given the tag, and thus deserve the tag.
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I will not do your homework for you.

But I will tell you this much: for a concise analysis of an online community, you would need two social environments. One, of course, would serve as a "control group", thereby reducing the prospect of misinterpertable findings.

Exactly how you'd establish the comparison/contrasts, of course, is the key to an engaging thesis.
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Here's an interesting thread, the product of a very brief search. I'm sure there are others. It's been talked about ad nauseum (just like everything else!)
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Response by poster: Thank you for the advice Smart Dalek. I am preparing a masters thesis on this topic for which I will be using a control group (the logistics of which are headache inducing). This paper is more qualitative in nature, and thus I am using comments etc. to get at how people perceive online community (as opposed to whether or not MeFi is a community).

I admit it is kind of half assed, but I needed something to hand in to my supervisor before Christmas so I thought I would try out the new feature. Ha.

Thanks for the link PrinceValium.
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My perception on why I think Metafilter is a communitiy is because of the way we communicate with each other; Just like any other community there are people who dislike each other, people who just like each other, and people who dislike a person but like them later.

Another thing that makes this a community is its strong political 'wars'. I've never written a master's thesis, but the politics in this damn place could fill a chapter or two.

Who knows, maybe everyones a bot but you, and these bots are run by a God program just to see how you react to different things.
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Quartermass, I wrote an article about various successful aspects of a community, and I've also written about the design of MeFi extensively in one book, and about community and weblogs in another book. I'd say this whole book about the subject is a must read too, though some of the info may be out of date by now. See if your college library can score you some copies of them all.
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Response by poster: Thanks Matt. I have read your works (and unforgivingly tear them to pieces - j/k), and they have proved to be quite usefull (and really well written). I was not aware of the article though, so thank you.
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MeFite squirrel did a thesis on blog community as I recall, which was linked to from a MeTa thread a while back. I don't have time to search.
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There was that MeTa thread about being able to expunge your existence from the site's records when you left, and it had a lot of fun soul-searching on the "realness" of this community. Can't find it now, but, um, did you try checking this site?
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I don't know about community, but mobs form occasionally on Metatalk.

But seriously, my opinion is that there is a core community surrounded by casual posters then lurkers. Kinda like the solar system only Matt gets to have solar storms.
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My impression is that a lot of the community stuff happens on #mefi and e-mail.
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