Evolution of Time
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please help me find this wristwatch...

i found this image of a wristwatch while browsing through 'evolution' tags on flickr. and now i really covet it.
would anybody know if it's available to buy and from where?
(i left a comment with the guy who took the picture but he never replied)

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5 seconds with Google. These guys designed it, I'm sure they know where to buy it. The page says it was designed for United Arrows, but the link is to a Japanese site that I'm not willing to navigate...

Evolution Watch
posted by jimmythefish at 10:49 AM on May 4, 2006

On review, that link doesn't work unless you copy it and paste it into the address bar. No idea why...
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jimmythefish: You put the text in where the URL goes, and the URL where the text goes.
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[I fixed the link]
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Yes, I'm an idiot. Thanks.
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thanks for your 5 seconds of google jimmythefish. though doesn't really help me find if it's available to buy and from where?

guess i'll email cabanon press then.
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tnai, Please let us know if they actually sell them somewhere. That watch is amaaaaazing.

and I can't find a link to buy it anywhere :(
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thanks for your 5 seconds of google jimmythefish. though doesn't really help me find if it's available to buy and from where?

Um, as he said, the site he provides you a link to itself has a link to United Arrows; they say that they did the design for them. Therefore, it looks as if United Arrows is the entity that sells these watches. However, because the site is in Japanese, you will require someone who knows how to read Japanese to provide you with a link to the site, or you'll need to randomly click around until you find it.

Of course, if you wish to continue addressing respondents with sarcasm, I'm sure you'll garner tons of responses.
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No need to get snarky - jimmythefish was trying to lead you in the right direction. I'll try to help out a bit as well but so far no luck finding the item for sale.

From what I can figure out, United Arrows has no online store, just B&M stores all over Japan. Maybe someone in Japan and chime in with an offer to check out a store for you.

ZOZOTOWN sells United Arrows stuff through their stores but I didn't see that particular watch in the listings.

Last option might be to browse through Yahoo! Japan auctions for United Arrows. Use Rinkya's proxy for inline translation of the items. You'll need to plug in "United Arrows" into the search field. If you see it in there, you can bid for the watch through Rinkya. They charge service fees and shipping for the process.
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If you can't find it, post the pic at the Timezone.com web forums. Those guys can track down any watch - they're maniacs.
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WCityMike, i read jimmythefishes response as "just f*cking google it", i had already used google, i hadn't been able to find the watch. hence my sarcasm. perhaps my response was out of order in the light of day, so my apologies to jimmythefish.

educatedslacker, absolutely, i'll drop you an email if ever i do find it.

everyone else. thanks for the links, i'm definitelly going to post over at Timezone to see what they can find too.
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I especially like that after time 'progresses' to us, it's all reduced back down to the single-cell level again. I hope that was part of the intent.
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