Favorite clove soap?
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I just ran out of the handmade clove soap bought from an Etsy seller no longer selling...any recommendations for a good clove soap replacement? The more strongly scented the better! I loved the clove, but would be willing to try other spices.
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Best answer: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day has a seasonal orange clove line with hand soap, dish soap, and a few other products. Typically it is available around Christmas time - right now the website says out of season, but there's a display at my local Whole Foods today.
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Best answer: Zum Bar makes a nice clove-mint soap.
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Best answer: Mistral’s Jakarta Clove soap is pricey, but wonderful.
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Best answer: If you don't mind a bit of coffee with your clove, I love this one from Muddy Mint. Actually, I've loved all of the Muddy Mint soaps I've tried.
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Best answer: If cinnamon clove works, Just Soap has a nice one. Terrible website, great soaps--blended by bike! I buy them locally, but he also ships to the continental US.
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