Portland Hotel Recommendations! Budget Friendly Edition.
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I am looking for 2 hotels - both for one night mid week stays, quite soon. The first one is all about cheap; the second one could be a bit more expensive if it's kid friendly.

We live a little too far from PDX for it to be a comfortable one day drive. I'm dropping my daughter and her daughter off at the airport in a couple weeks and would like to stay the night in the city. It's just me and I ask only that my room be clean and not smelly and the place not be terrifying - I ended up in the Ramada near the airport a couple years back and it was a hellhole. Seriously. Location is not super important; near the airport would be easiest but is not an absolute. Bonus points for a decent hotel bar or adjacent to reasonable drinking location. I plan to go shopping the next day, see some friends, so I do not want to go way out to, like, Beaverton or Gresham. I would like to spend less than $150. Less than $100 would be even better but I know, those days are gone.

When I go pick my daughter and granddaughter up, we would like a more fun hotel for that night, ideally with a toddler friendly pool. Again, closer to the airport is better and we do not want to spend a fortune. Less than $200 if possible.

I have not done any googling or anything yet; that's how I ended up at the Ramada, shudder. I am hoping for personal recommendations! Also I don't want to do airbnb or stay with anyone - there are couches I could crash on, but I am just getting too old and crotchety to be a good houseguest. Thank you!
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You might try the Bluebird Guesthouse for the no-kid option. It's probably closer to $200 than $100, though. It's on SE Division so close to several comfortable food and drink establishments. It's not a "hotel" hotel, but given your criteria, I think it's worth a look.
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The Kennedy School in NE Portland is a McMenamins hotel and a fun stay for kids and all ages. The rate is just about $200. Their pool is a soaking pool and not deep, and I have seen toddlers having a great time in it.
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My suggestion location wise is Vancouver, WA. It's just across the river from the airport and because it's not Portland proper, has lower hotel rates. For example, this is a 17 min drive, advertises free shuttles to PDX airport, and is showing up at $136 a night for a random night the first week of October.
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Oh, er, just saw that you want it to be close to a decent bar. Here's an even cheaper hotel (under $100?) that's on the edge of downtown Vancouver and walking distance to Heathen Brewing Feral Public House among other watering holes.
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There’s an Aloft near the hotel with an indoor pool. I don’t know if it has beach entry or what your requirements are for the pool, but it looks to be under $200. I stayed there a handful of years ago. And yes, McMenamins Kennedy School would be another fun option with the toddler.

What part of town do you want to be in for your solo stay? Some of the big downtown hotels are eager for your business. The Heathman and Benson are both around $140 for the random nights I saw but you’d have to pay for parking.

Also do you remember where the terrible Ramada was?
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We enjoyed staying at KEX, which is on the east side of the Burnside bridge. They have dorm bunks, private/shared bathroom, and private/private bathroom, so it might fall in your budget. The lounge/restaurant, Pacific Standard, was fabulous; there’s also rooftop cocktails and a sauna. I think it’s only street parking, though (we were traveling by train).
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Downtown Portland hotels have been really hurting lately, so this summer I had two different friends stay in very nice hotels downtown for under $130 per night.

The Royal Sonesta was very nice and had a great bar. The downside is that downtown Portland at night is not everyone’s cup of tea if you wanted to walk around at night. I feel safe, but other folks may feel uncomfortable.
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There's the McMenamins Crystal Hotel in downtown, which is coming up for me at about $127 a night and has a shallow saltwater soaking pool in the basement - minors are allowed before 8pm. The hotel rooms are musician themed. There is a great restaurant attached on one side and a bar that has concerts on the other. The hotel might be best for your adult-only stay, but would also be good for kids, I think. We stayed there 10 years ago and it was great.
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A coworker who had business near-ish to the airport recently recommended the Hampton Inn Portland East
3039 NE 181st Ave
, in part due to the proximity to Migration Brewing. You'd just take Airport Drive all the way there, less than 20 minutes. It might be a hair over $150 after taxes, though.
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The Kenton Hotel in North Portland (Kenton Neighborhood) is coming up at $70/night. It's a small neighborhood with a few bars you can walk to. Easy drive up Columbia Blvd to the airport, too.
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If Troutdale is not too far away, I suggest considering McMenamin's Edgefield for either/both nights. They have a hostel option for $45/night (includes a twin bunk with curtain, a locker and access to the amazing soaking pool) . . .or private room options for more money. I just stayed two nights in the hostel - it is comfortable and adorable. The property is amazing with many food/drink/entertainment options. About 20 min from PDX.
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