Berkeley Hair Chop
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Male in need of a good hair stylist near the UC Berkeley campus, much preferably within walking distance. $30 max. No barber shops, no supercuts. Where should he go? The more specific, the better.

I don't often get my hair cut (every 3 months), so I am very picky. Going for the young, stylish yet professional look. Opposite of the greasy stripped-shirt fratboy look. That's about all.
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Best answer: Some suggestions on the Berekely Parents Network site.
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The East Bay Express' just-out Best of the East Bay.

Daily Cal's Best of Berkeley.
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It's been a while since I've been in Berkeley, but what about the literally-underground "barbershop" in the walkway from Bancroft (where Mr. Godblessyouhaveablessedday sits) to Durant, just west of Telegraph? The guy who runs (or ran, maybe) it had a pretty good sense of style, I recall.

Otherwise--and this isn't walking distance, but it's BART accessible--check out the salons in Oakland Chinatown.
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I used the underground barbershop twice. It wasn't a guy either time. They vacuumed my head after the haircut. The first haircut was OK, the second one was bad, so I quit going there.
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I always went to Panache on Telegraph. The one on College is just as good, but harder to get an appointment for.
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Blow on Berkeley Way has been very good to me. I pay more than $30, but I think maybe some of their younger staff charges less? Worth checking out.
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