Can I eat it?: Cheeseburger edition!
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I left two just-cooked cheeseburgers inside the microwave overnight. Can I eat them without dying?

I cooked cheeseburgers in a cast iron pan last night, then put the two extra ones inside the microwave so the cat wouldn't eat them while we dined on the patio. OF COURSE I forgot about them and they sat there for about 14 hours; I rediscovered them this morning.

I immediately put them in a sealed container, which I placed in the fridge. If I reheat and eat these later, will I expire in a humiliating, needless manner?
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Absolutely please do not eat this
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No I would not eat beef that has sat at room temperature overnight. I'm pretty callous about food poisoning risk but this would cross the line for me - I once spent a Real Fun 24 hours after walking the 45 minutes to work with a non-temperature-regulated tupperware of chili in my bag in midsummer. 14 hours is just begging for trouble.
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Response by poster: Additional data point that I forgot to mention: I overcooked these burgers slightly. They were probably medium-well.
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You might not expire in a humiliating, needless manner, but believe me as someone who has both experienced and gotten emergency room help for someone experiencing spectacular gastroenteritis.... you'll probably find expiring preferable.

Please just don't.
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Here is an article on the dangers of pathogenic bacteria, these are bacteria that we cannot taste or smell but can cause serious illness when consumed. This bacteria grows quickly on food between 40-140 degrees F, which is why food should be kept either cold in the fridge or hot, not just to kill bacteria but to keep the survivors from multiplying.

So a few well done burger patties in your microwave overnight is a perfect place for this bacteria to grow.
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Best answer: There are better, safer cheeseburgers out there. You do not have to eat reheated burgers that were left out for 14 hours. C'mon man, you're worth it.
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Ok I previously asked whether I could eat a cooked chicken that was in the fridge for more than 7 days, response was mixed but I did eat it (and was fine).

But I would not eat this. Not burgers that have been heated up and sat at room temp for 14 hours! 2 hours yes, probably not 4 hours, and definitely not 14 hours.
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Response by poster: Oh, man. Damn. These are (or were) tasty cheeseburgers!
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Let these ones go, my friend. There will be other cheeseburgers.
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hahaha oh wow, no. definitely not. serving burgers that had been left out like that is how my grandmother sent our entire extended family to the hospital.
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Response by poster: The burgers have been safely disposed of. I said a few brief words over the compost bin as the cat and I bowed our heads respectfully, yet hungrily.

They have gone to Cheeseburger Heaven, where I will not be joining them.
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One time while young and drunk two of us ordered 30 cheeseburgers at McDonalds and ate them over two days without refrigerating or re-heating them and we were fine.

We were also complete drunken idiots. Throw out the cheeseburgers.
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If it makes you feel better: you missed out on those two cheeseburgers, but if you had eaten them it might have ruined all future cheeseburgers for you for a long time. I couldn't even smell crab for about ten years after a bad bout of crustacean-inspired food poisoning.
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Haha. I would have eaten them. But I wouldn't have tried to save them for later. I would have eaten them now (for breakfast) or not at all. I'm very lenient with this sort of thing and have never suffered for it. Undercooked food — especially in restaurants? Well, I've suffered there plenty. But never from eating a burger left out overnight (which I've done several times) or a seven-day-old refrigerated rotisserie chicken (also several times). It's possible, though, that I have a stomach of steel.
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Think of them as an offering to the food gods for your continued safety, wellness, and avoidance of explosive misery.
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I also would have eaten them, but couldn't in good conscience recommend that someone else eat them. Also, even if they were amazing then, they almost certainly wouldn't be amazing now, after 14 hours at room temp and then dried out by reheating.
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I am one of the weirdos who would have eaten them in some reimagined form, but also would NOT have served them to anyone else except myself. I would have diced them up and cooked the heck out of them until they were well and truly well-done, perhaps sauteing/roasting to fold into a tortilla or something.
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