What is this bright light in Kazakhstan
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I was looking at a map of light pollution when I noticed an odd very very bright spot in the middle of Kazakhstan. The sattelite imagery shows a bunch of paths linking up circles with something in the middle.

So what's going on here. Can you find corresponding imagery anywhere else. Is it really as bright as London or Paris, or is it a glitch?
What are the circles? What's in them.
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Quick guess is the Kandym-Khauzak-Shady gas extraction facilities. You see this in a lot of regions with similar extraction projects (in part because excess fuel is simply burned... brightly).
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Energy exploration? Check out western North Dakota (an otherwise very sparsely populated area) during the fracking boom a decade ago.
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It looks like there are lots of gas/oil extraction facilities and workers' housing.
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It is gas flaring. If you navigate to this area on a map of satellite-detected flaring, you'll see a lot there.
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I think it's the Kenkiyak oil and gas field.

The circles appear to be earthen berms around well sites, either for containment of spills or possibly just soil that's been scraped up to clear the ground before drilling. Here's a photo from Google Maps showing one of them. Since they all appear to have gaps (for vehicle access?) I'm kind of curious how they would work as containment berms though.
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Response by poster: Ah that flare map also explains this region up in siberia.
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