Relocating to Charlotte, NC
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Ms. Repo and I will be new empty nesters in August with our youngest heading off to college. Due to a company relocation, we will be moving from Chicago to Charlotte in 2024.

We love a vibrant and welcoming neighborhood and are open to being right in the city, or having close access to all the city has to offer. We will be looking for a 3 (flexible) BR home, townhouse, condo. What are good areas to consider? I suspect price will vary wildly depending on the area. Not sure what the ceiling would be at the moment but surely nothing over 500K? A no car (bike, light rail) commute would be ideal as the new work space is in the south end. We’ll be visiting there in August for the first time, so any thoughts on a good area to stay would also be helpful.
Thank you!
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Response by poster: Also open to renting as it might afford more flexibility.
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Best answer: Take a look at the r/Charlotte subreddit, if you haven't done so already.

They have a weekly relocation thread every Wednesday, so you could read previous discussions or ask your relocation-related questions there. The most recent one:
Welcome to Charlotte Wednesday! Visiting, recently moved here, or going to move here? Tell us and ask away!
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Best answer: I can’t speak to the current management but I think you may want to look into the Renaissance Townhouses in NoDa (for renting or buying). I lived there years ago now, but it would put you buy the light rail and in a fun part of town that’s walkable (longer walk/bikeable for groceries). You could look for houses in the area, but I would be surprised if you found much under $500,000 in NoDa and close to the light rail.

Villa heights is between NoDa and Uptown and could also have some options

You could of course live in South End, though I think it trends more 20’s and 30’s in many of the apartments.

Plaza Midwood would also fit the “vibe” it sounds like you are looking for, though you’d have to check the bus routes/bike lanes to see if a no car commute is feasible.

There are many other great neighborhoods in Charlotte (Elizabeth, Dilworth, even University) but I think you’d be pressed to make them a careless commute AND for them in your price range. You could also look at Uptown, but I don’t think it has the city neighborhood community that you’re looking for, though there is certainly l’y a lot going on to take advantage of in Uptown.
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Best answer: (As for places to stay I would split your visit between staying right in South End and staying in NoDa, probably just at Airbnbs)
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Best answer: Hey, we also lived in those same townhouses for 3 years. Get used to train sounds (but honestly, if you want to live anywhere near uptown, get used to the trains), but it's one of the few walkable areas of Charlotte. And fun(ky).
You'd still need transport for of some sort for groceries, although maybe light rail would work.
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Response by poster: And just to clarify, we will have a car so the 'no car' thing would just be ideal to/from work.
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Best answer: I have a relative in CLT so I visit often. Honestly, the noise and bustle of South End gets old if you live there. My relative is a 20-something and they lived in SE for three years up until a year ago. The construction, night noise, and constant bustle got to be too much even for them. The light rail is very convenient for a work commute if you work Uptown, but it was too busy to walk their nervous dog along. Lots of runners, bikers, scooters, etc. I like Plaza Midwood and I have stayed in Airbnb's there and in Plaza-Shamrock (just to the northeast) and found the neighborhood pleasant. NODA is a great place to visit but it's not somewhere I'd choose to live.
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