Oneplus nord n300 changes
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I recently got a one plus nord n300 5g phone, and want to change a couple of features. The phone home screen and pull down bar has a clock, which is fine. But the hours start with a red number, which is very bad. Ie, 11:23 the 11 will be red, and I hate that. How do I change it? Do I download a better clock? I'll disable it entirely if needed. Two, I play a browser game in sideways/landscape/ horizontal mode, using AdBlock browser. The web address bar and the bottom of screen back/home buttons remain showing, blocking part of the game and interfering with play. How do I make those go away? Thank you!
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I've had a couple of OnePlus phones, although never a Nord n300. The red 1 digit is OnePlus' thing - it's part of their brand. It's very annoying but I was never able to find a way to turn it off.

You might be able to get rid of it using a custom launcher or something but I don't think there's a setting anywhere.
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XDA Forums will have a few different options for fixing the clock but likely they will all require a rooted device, which may be more trouble than it’s worth and may also require wiping your phone.
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