How to prove that are scam artisits?
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A friend, who is looking for a job in Dubai, appears to have been duped by a rogue company called which is based out of Canada. I have been scouring the net but the closest I got was an interview at Is there any way I can prove that the company is acting irresponsibly or indeed that it is duping everyone?

My friend hasn't got his money back and it has been 6 months since he submitted it. They wont reply to any of his emails or calls. And although it is relatively little, I was wondering how a company can get away with something like this.
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How much money did he lose, exactly?
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You did Google them, right? It's not irrefutable proof but the results don't look too positive.
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They get away with it because their marks don't report them to the authorities, which is also the first step in proving that they're scam artists. Governments can get access to things that bystanders can't.
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Reporting Fraud to the Proper Authorities

Tell him to report it.
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Best answer: I first read about the Persian Gulf jobs scams in this poorly written book. It is a classic job scam that occurs in booming places. For more information check out this site and this news story and this story linked from Snopes.
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Posting to can help get the word out.
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