Best late night transport from Seattle Tacoma Airport
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I am arriving around 11 pm at Seattle - And I have to pick up checked luggage from earlier flight. Will need to UBER/Lyft to Marriott Waterfront. Should I put in a reservation for the Uber? Or wait until I am there? Would a taxi be about the same cost? (Long story short— missed flight; I am an idiot.)
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There will almost certainly be taxis there. From baggage claim, you'll see signs for taxis and also a ride share lot. Youll go up an escalator (or elevator) and then across a little enclosed bridge to a huge parking structure. Then you'll go down the escalator (or elevator) and there is a taxi stand. Ive arrived quite late and have never had an issue, so I usually take taxis instead of uber from seatac because there are always cabs waiting and there is an organized line. If there aren't any cabs you can easily get an uber from the rideshare area which is clearly marked with signage. And you can always ask someone for help finding it if you get turned around!
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Response by poster: Thank you for the advice!
It was the late hour that was causing me to doubt whether I should do ride share or taxi.
I like that they should be plentiful even at that late hour.
I do have folks I can contact from the cab which makes me feel a bit better.
Thanks for the quick and reassuring reply.
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The other good thing about cabs v. Uber/Lyft in Seattle is that cab fare from SeaTac to downtown is a flat $40 (plus tip), any time of day/night.
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I'm pretty sure you'll want to take a cab/taxi and am positive they'll be available like everybody else, but if you want the absolute cheapest way to get from the airport to Marriott Waterfront the light rail runs that late. It'll take a lot longer, like a bit over an hour (walking time included), and you'll have to do walking to the station and from the station to the hotel, and you might not wanna walk in downtown at that time, but it does technically exist as an option that costs $3 and Google Maps would tell you how.
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Looked it up and it seems the flat rate taxi is only the case for some of them, others are traditionally metered. Also, if you haven't already looked, the Ground Transportation section on SeaTac's site is pretty comprehensive.
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I’ve been scared out of my wits by erratic cab drivers from SeaTac more times than I care to count (I live in Seattle). Rideshare tend to be a little less frenetic but only just. I’ve taken to telling them that I will double the tip if they respect the speed limit. It just feels too much like putting your life in the hands of someone paid by the minute. I’m sorry I don’t have better advice, but I hope you arrive safely.
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FWIW -- Uber "reservations" don't really do anything -- all they do is request the ride automatically a few minutes before your reserved time. It's equivalent to you requesting the ride yourself at the time you need it.
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I did the light rail from SeaTac to the Marriott Waterfront three weeks ago. Totally doable with a small amount of luggage. Note that the walk from the station (University) to the hotel on the most direct route includes the Harbor Stairs. Just make sure to go all the way down University to Alaskan instead of walking down Elliot because the elevator right at the hotel from Elliot down to Alaskan is broken. Oof.
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If you're interested in a car service, I can recommend a good one I've used for almost a decade now (memail me if so). You'll pay more than Uber or a cab, but they'll 100% be there waiting for you when you arrive with a nice Town Car equivalent.
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Response by poster: Thanks All!!
Taxi was $42 before tip!
Thanks for the reassurance and info!
My vacation has started!!
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