Travellin' to Moncton...
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Help make my stay in Moncton as good as it can be!

We're staying in Moncton from May 19-23rd and I'd love to see everything that the city has to offer (or as much as possible). We have the flight booked, but nothing else.

Please help with the following:

Hotel: Location is more important that price. I'd rather not rent a car if I can avoid it so proximity to happenin' areas of the city is a plus.

Car: Is it important? I know there is a public transit system, but I have no idea what it's like. I don't mind spending time on public transit, I just don't want to waste the majority of my days trying to work the system.

Events: Any and all recommendations are welcome! Links to any weekly papers would definitely be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
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Here's a bars and clubs rundown.
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Without a car, you won't easily be able to visit Magnetic Hill, or see the tide come in as a 6 inch to 2 foot soliton wave in the Petitcodiac River at Tidal Bore Park. There are only a few places on the planet where natural soliton waves regularly occur, so even if you're not a student of physics or of natural history, you might want to make a point of seeing it, just for the weird factor.

You could catch a show at MacSweeney's Dinner Theatre, on Main Street.
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for the punks:
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A couple of restaurant recommendations:

Joe Moka (cozy coffee house, yummy coffee, great homemade pate and pastries) and Graffiti Mediterranean Cuisine (mediterranean restaurant - not too pricey, but quite good). They're both on Main Street.

And there's a farmer's market that's worth checking out saturday mornings - 7 am to 1 pm I think. It's on John Street. Last year I got some beautiful woven baskets, delicious maple butter, and some homemade soap. And watched a cooking show demo.
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