MeFi Playgroup in NYC?
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I am a little uncertain if this question fits the new mold of AskMeFi, but if it works, I'll toss $100 into the site hat in gratitude.... We are expecting our first child in June, and live in NYC. We want to start or join a Manhattan playgroup, but think a mefi-community playgroup would be about the coolest thing ever. So, my question to AskMeFI is: Are there any MeFi-ites in NYC with a baby due in '04 who'd like to start a playgroup with us?
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if i ever adopt, i'll start one with you limited : >
posted by amberglow at 7:11 PM on December 9, 2003

While not directly answering your question . . . I think you'll run into a numbers problem here. How many Mefites live in NYC, and have kids that are the same age and can schedule a playgroup etc. What you need to do is find folks that have the same MeFi mindset (and not necesssarily be members). So how does one find such folks? Well, a friend of mine has some public readings coming up that might just help you meet a good crowd.
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You may also want to try posting the question to the Metafilter Tribe, which is also caters to Mefi lurkers.
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Response by poster: amberglow: cool, you're on!
dhacker: Believe me, I knew it was a longshot... but it seemed worth a try-- if for no other reason than on the off chance there were expecting nyc mefi's out there it would have been very cool. And thanks for the link-- will definitely check it out!
silusGROK: thanks, I'll give that a try!
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