what did I read?
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I am trying to remember a British (?) author who wrote a couple of plot-twist-y thrillers that I read some years ago. Details inside.

These are the data points I have:

The author was, I am pretty sure, British and a woman.

I read two books by her. There was some hype around the first one having a Big Plot Twist which is what led me to pick it up. I remember very little about it except maybe the main protagonist (a young woman) is an artist? Maybe she has roommates, I think there are scenes of her walking around her city in the snow.

The second book I remember a little bit better -- I feel like it involves a mother and a daughter and a fire in a school. The plot twist in it is that the narrator is dead, I think?
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I feel like I’ve read these books too. Maybe Kate Atkinson (I’m thinking the Jackson Brodie mysteries which are great, but I also read her first [not-a-mystery?] Behind the Scenes at the Museum, which may be a match?

Possibly Tana French?

But also maybe Baltimore-based Laura Lippman? She had a mystery that I read that I think was serialized in the New York Times (The Girl in the Green Raincoat) but I think I also maybe read What the Dead Know.

Sorry not to be able to be more specific, I hope this helps.
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The first one maybe sounds like Tana French The Likeness and the second could be her The Secret Place?
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Neither of these are Tana French or Laura Lippman, they don’t have any plots that match these
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Response by poster: Hi everyone -- it's not Tara French or Laura Lippman, as Violet Hour correctly says, but I remembered the name of one of the protagonists, after which with some strategic googling I was able to reconstruct which books these were. For anyone who might be interested, answering my own question: the author is Rosamund Lupton and the novels are, respectively, "Sister" and "Afterwards."
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