Yet another "name this dog", with constraints
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Our Westie died of pulmonary fibrosis about six weeks ago and we are sadly dogless. But we have a very good chance of acquiring another retired show Westie and everything looks good (although we have not yet met this dog) except for the name, which we really don't like. Can you help us come up with a new name?

She is about seven years old, so undoubtedly accustomed to her call name which is Presley. We are not fans. At all. But it should be relatively easy to rename her as long as it sounds similar: probably two syllables, with an "ee" sound at the end. We generally favor people names for our dogs, even unusual names, but are not wedded to that. Have I mentioned, though, that we really don't like the name Presley? Bonus points if the new name starts with either an M or a T, but that's not necessary either. Hit me with some ideas!
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Maisy, Tilly, Mihi, Messy, Maddie, Bessie, Tessie, Jessie? Or Prezzie (which here means a gift…and everyone loves a prezzie!).
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I’d go with Wesley, so I could do my Jean-Luc Picard impression when she does mischief or barks too much (Dammit Wesley! Shutup Wesley!).

For M and T names… I’m thinking you could get away with Tizzy, which could be really cute, or Mimi.
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Mazie, Tacy, Percy
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I want to suggest that you can rename the dog anything you like and it will work fine. All my dogs have had multiple names, including a couple adopted as seniors.
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Parsley would be such a cute name for a dog!
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I was going to suggest Pretzel, but Parsley is a terrific suggestion!
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Paisley, Parsley, Leslie, Bexley, Jessie, Esme, Cressie, Essie, Ellie, Bailey
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Parsley is GENIUS

Parsley, Parsnip, Garnish, Pesto, Wee Pest, Herb Garden, Sprig… the accessory love-names just FLOW from that one. And so close to the name she already knows! 5_13_23_42_69_666, my sincere and admiring respects.
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Parsley is pretty cute. Or Betsy, Mitzi, Twinkie, Winkie, Elsie.
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Was also going to suggest Parsley or Lesley. Lexie?
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I have always found that dogs will generally let me know who they are after I've lived with them for a while. My ridiculous lab mix, Shakima Greggs, was Olivia, Benson, Olivia Benson, Fenway, Fennie, Finnie, Ranger, and Moose. She just eventually became Kima.

My other dog is Jesse Pinkman (formerly Pinkerton) because he has similar adventures and the ridiculous attitude of the Breaking Bad character, but it kills me that every other dog on the trail is also called Jesse, so beware of that.

Anyway, if I think of a sweet little Westie with your name constraints, I think of Dursley, as in Dudley Dursley. Or even Dudley.

But I wouldn't rule out Wesley. You can really completely change the name to whatever you like; it's all about the intonation.
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I wanted to name our puppy Christoph Walz but my kid vetoed it and she named him Oreo. A friend named their Westy puppy Otto, which makes me think of the Nazi Otto Skorzen, so I’m not fond of it but I wouldn’t ever tell her that. What about Chomsky?
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Penny or Pencil
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Percival came to mind, Percy for short.
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If she has been seriously over-hyped before you get to meet her, you could always call her Tesla...
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Presley? Surprised no one mentioned the obvious -- Elvis (Elvee or Evie), Aaron, Priscilla, Lisa Marie, Storm, Riley, Harper, Finley, The King (La Reine).
Props to a middle-aged terrier, who has grown into her name.
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