Emulating a CRT television on a Mac
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I want to emulate the effects of a CRT television (scanlines, a bit of a glow, curved corners) when watching files on my MacBook. Is there a Mac OS video player that supports GPU shaders in the same manner that video game emulators do? Or, if not specifically a video player, an overlay like the Windows program ShaderGlass?

On my Windows desktop, I can use the aforementioned ShaderGlass, or open a video file in RetroArch using the FFmpeg core and use the built-in shaders. Sometimes I want to watch on the living room television, though, and it's not practical to drag my tower out to the living room and hook it to the TV (and trying to project using the wireless monitor feature often results in lag/tearing).

I've downloaded RetroArch on my MacBook, but it doesn't have an option for FFmpeg in the core list. I've tried downloading it manually and placing it into the folder, but nothing happens. I've sometimes used the Phosphor deinterlace option in VLC, but it's only a rough approximation. Does what I'm looking for even exist?
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Seems like you might be able to do this in OBS?

"OBS ShaderFilter Plus is a plugin for Open Broadcaster Software. It can be used to apply effects to sources using manually created GLSL/HLSL shaders."
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Best answer: RetroArch is working fine for me. You just go into the core downloader and download the ffmpeg core. (I also have ffmpeg installed via Homebrew but I doubt it's using that.)

OBS Shaderfilter is maybe worth a shot (might not work on Mac), if you can get it working you can open a projector window to watch. Use the built in VLC source in OBS. You probably have to enable audio monitoring in advanced OBS audio properties to hear it.
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Response by poster: Huh. I didn't have the ffmepg option a few months ago but uninstalled and re-installed RetroArch, and now it's there. I must have down something wrong initially. Thanks!
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