How best to secure a kiosk monitor
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Best choice for securing a monitor in a kiosk setting...

For my design BFA show I am installing an interactive kiosk in an art/multipurpose space. The machine will be a concealed Powerbook (with a security cable). I was going to use my Apple 17" flat-panel on a shelf with some kind of lockable cable running through the stand. When I found it was $100 just to get a DVI-ADC converter I balked.

A fellow student graciously offered the loan of a Samsung Syncmaster 191T. Now I could put it on a shelf and cable-lock it, but then I realized a VESA wall mount is an option as well. Are there secure VESA mounts? It doesn't have to be bulletproof, but a reasonable deterrent at least.

Any suggestions on which way to go? If anyone has brand/store recommendations, those are also welcome.
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There is this, you also could probably lock a cable tight around the mount itself to keep it from being slid free. To be honest even heavy duty Zip ties would work for this.

i'm assuming that the kiosk won't be completely unattended and that the deterrent here is just to make it difficult enough to not be worth a would be thief's time.
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