Rent-a-couch: Smart or sketchy?
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Does anyone have any experiences with and/or recommendations for renting furniture, ideally in the Washington DC area?

I will be in a small, unfurnished house near DC for the summer (3 months), and moving my furniture there is not an option. Buying Ikea and getting rid of the stuff at the end seems like a pain, but I am a little wary of renting used furniture, even though I seem to have been perfectly fine with getting much of my current furniture off of Craigslist. Has anyone had any good or bad experiences with renting? Is the furniture clean, in decent shape, etc.? Can anyone recommend a furniture rental place in the DC area? Thanks!
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I've rented furniture before, when on a 4-month consulting assignment in another city. Aaron Rents was a bit pricey, but the stuff I rented (A bed, a sofa, and a small dining room set) was (at least to my eyes) clean, non-stinky, and didn't come with any 6-legged roommates. Their website says that they have 2 locations in the DC suburbs (Rockville, MD and Lorton, VA), so arranging delivery shouldn't be that much of an ordeal. For 3 months, it's probably worth it.
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Brook Furniture Rental is pretty good. They have a DC showroom, although when I rented from them I did everything by phone and online.
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Thanks for your help, deadmessenger and littleme, that's very reassuring, and those sites look great.
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