Blacked out web sites for Day Without Immigrants?
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Are there any web sites participating in the Day Without Immigrants?

It occurs to me that concern over this issue is widespread enough that it might warrant blacked-out web sites—even very popular ones. But I don't find any sign of it, nor do I find any badges or the like. This question IS NOT A SURVEY ABOUT THE BOYCOTT. Please keep your opinions on it to yourself.
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I am not aware of any but then I do not speak Spanish and thus never go to any Spanish sites, at which I imagine there will be some stuff associated. However, the issue really is this> A day without immigrtant workers--they do not show up for jobs; and/or a day in which bloggers support by not posting that day...since the net is more private, it doesn't matter. It matters only in pushing or advocating a day without immigrant workers--that is posting prior to the "boycott."
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