Good walks in Tokyo on Google maps or other
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Like to find fun walks in Tokyo. Not always easy to do. Anyone know of some good walking routes esp those on google maps or similar?
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Rambalac, who has a YouTube channel of video walks around Tokyo and Japan, also has a Google Map that he updates with the routes.

There is a list on the left of the map of the routes and clicking on one will zoom in on the route and also let you play the video from that walk.

YouTube channel:
Google Map:
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If you're interested in contemporary architecture I've put together a guide and map to notable buildings in the Aoyama neighborhood of Tokyo, including some nice ones by Kenzo Tange and Kengo Kuma.
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Craig Mod wrote a book, Kissa by Kissa, about his thousand K walk along the Nakasendō. Mod regularly goes out on these 'performance' walks, where journals his journey, like his recent series of 5 walks in Tokyo (no public archive), which he summarizes here.

He has a collection of work on this subject it can be best summarized by a quote he pulled from poet Matsuo Basho's long walk in Japan
The months and days are travelers of eternity. Just like the years that come and go. For those who live their lives on boats, or lead horses towards old age, their lives are travel, their journeys are home.
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King Kogi has two seasons of Tokyo Tours episodes and also sells digital guides here.
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