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I'm moving a fairly large mailing list from Yahoo groups to Google groups. I'm wondering if there is a nice way to move the large message archive. I have all the messages on my machine in eml/txt/mbox format. How can I get all these messages over to Google Groups? My best idea is to write a script that parses the From field and message body from the email, then masquerades as that user to send the message to the google groups address, but I was wondering if someone can think of something better.
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maybe you would like to modify Google GMail Loader (GML) - chage the "send to" part.
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Google Groups does mailing lists? Or, are you saying that you're creating a Usenet group via Google Groups?

I didn't know that was really possible.

/me is kind of confused about the question.

You could simply set up a website for the new group and then put the archives online that way. That might work. :)
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I had to migrate a large group (Streetphoto) from topica.com to phpBB. In the end what I decided to do was to scrape the topica.com archive using a script and compile that into an HTML archive which I let Google index. Then we started afresh with the new site.

It would have been pretty easy to repost the entire message archive of >100,000 messages to phpBB (I use a mod called M2F which does the email<>BBS thing) but you get caught up in all sorts of problems such as registration of expired subscribers, and so on and so forth.

I felt it was better to simply make a clean break. It's turned out to be a good decision, since Google still throw up the old messages both on Topica.com and the HTML archive.
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No, there's no way to move the list. I'm using Google Groups for two mailing lists (plus one backup, when it decides to stop sending our messages). Yahoo Groups has no export feature, Google Groups has no import feature. Just keep the Yahoo Group list around in case you need to search the archive.
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