Trying to find a 2010 online blog with a memorable webpage layout
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Back in 2010, there was this Vice / Cracked-style article site that always had the text directly on top of the empty space of a (16:9?) photo. All of the photos used the Rule of Thirds with either blur or simple color backgrounds so that the text was always either white or black and very readable.

It was more casual blog, the only article I really remember was one about the 'Horny, Hungry, Sleepy' Triangle.

I remember that the website had a white background, with the article at the center. If the text was too long, the text box inside of the photograph could be scrolled.

Don't remember if there was a comment section. I feel like the website was more snarky than not. Don't remember a mobile version, this was very much pre-responsive web design.

I've made a mockup of the article page here:
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