How to change the number of times a Treo rings.
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Anyone know how to change how many times a Verizon (so CDMA, not GSM) Treo 650 rings before it goes to voicemail?

I can't find info on this on any of the relevant help sites or forums. Right now my phone rings for a solid 30 seconds before diverting the caller to voicemail and I want to shorten that. I found hash codes that work for GSM phones, but not Verizon. Anyone have the answer?
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You might try asking Verizon (non-snark). Their service, their voicemail, you're paying for it.
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The number of rings I have before going to voicemail has to be set by my provider [gsm, T-mobile, not a Treo -- it was like that when I had Sprint too] but if Verizon has your account to roll to voicemail after 3 rings and your phone is set at 5 you're out of luck.

Also, when you call 611 to ask to change it, they'll probably remind you that the number of rings you hear on the phone and the rings the caller hear are not necessarily the same.
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Thirding the call the provider advice. I just did this with Cingular - be warned, at least with them, if you let it ring for 30 seconds or more before going into voicemail, they charge you airtime. Mine was reset to 25, or about 5 rings.
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i think it might vary by market... you might ask on
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A friend of mine with a Treo swears by Treonauts. You might find some help there.
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Fourth. I have Verizon and they don't provide any way for you to change that yourself. They will change it for you however if you call and request it. *611 from your phone.
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(sort of) on the topic, anyone of you verizon having treo users care to comment on the data charges with verizon vs. other providers? My friend has Sprint sez: $10/mo. flat for unlimited data. anything comparable?
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dorcas, I have Cingular and I pay $19.99/mo for unlimited data including internet. Chicago market.
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Also, that $10/mo your friend is getting may be $10/mo when you already have voice service (so you pay $29.99 for voice + $10.00 for unlimited data). I only use my Treo for data, so that's why mine is $19.99. I don't have any voice plan on my Treo.
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If it's Nextel/Sprint just call them or e-mail them and they'll change it. I think my BlackBerry by default was 10 seconds and I got them to raise it to 30.
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