What should my volleyball team be named?
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Help me name my (soon-to-be-ex, I fervently hope) volleyball team.

I figure that after the way I caused us to be defeated three times last night, the least I can do (besides recruiting another player who doesn't suck as much as me) is supply a great name for our as yet unnamed team. Right now we're known by the uninspiring "Wednesday 7B".

Do your worst, MeFites. Wordplay and puns are welcome. Don't bother getting too off-colour though, as the league officials frown on that.
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The Swan Songs?

Slightly off topic.. how is it possible for one person to single handedly cause a Volleyball team (9 players, right?) to lose? Might you be overstating your anti-contribution?
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Spike Jones
The Irish Setters
The Grave Diggers
Net Prophet
The Do-Overs
Oops Alley
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I played for a 5 a side football team a few years back, and we named ourselves "Drunken Masters" after a Jackie Chan movie. We were pretty good, but i'm certain if you suck, the name would be ironic enough!
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The Pancakes
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My team is Sets on the Beach.

Lame, but silly.
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The Volleywogs
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I remember an intramural sports team in university called "The Cleveland Steamers" which sounds innocent enough, unless you know what it's about.
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"Slow Children at Play" was a favorite of mine from a league I played in.
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Creeping weasels of death.
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You may win more games when the opposing team looks at the schedule and figures they don't have to show up that night.
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A Spike Lee Joint
The Face Panelers
The Spike Droppers
Your Mom Loves The Spike
Misty May's Bathing Suit Sand
The Legend of Digger Vance
Bolleyvall Meat
Patches O'Hourisand
Dig, Set, Hit the Ball Hard on a Sharp Downward Angle
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Sets in the City
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Death Volley
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I like maryh's suggestion (and it really works if you were ever a fan of Kyuss!).
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Nothing But Net
Vooray for Volleywood
Tom Hanks's Severed Head
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I'm playing dodgeball right now and though our name is rather lame (Printer Friendly) there's another team named Short Bus All Stars and I always crack up when I read that.
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Winner By Default
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For a while I was on a team called /dev/null. For those who know UNIX, well, nothing comes back from /dev/null.

I still have a t-shirt. It was fun.
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Beyond the Volley of the Dolls.
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A friend of mine had an indoor netball team called the Pat Benatar Tactical Response Group. I always liked that.
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Spike Kids
Volley Llamas
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How about "Are You Being Served?"
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Muff divers
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