Where to get 'Hello Kitty', Korean Pens Online
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I love what I call Hello Kitty pens, which are Sanrio, and maybe from Korea. Typically they are .38mm. I used to buy these pens in person at a store in Chinatown in Chicago. When I moved I would get them online from Morning Glory pens. That site is closed so I am not sure where to go. Any pen people here? I was looking for the Morning-Glory-Mach-3-Rollerball-Pen-0.38-mm in purple with no luck.
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Sorry, are these actually branded Hello Kitty?
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do you have a picture of them?
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upon further poking it looks as though they may have been discontinued. you may want to try the uniball signo um-151 .38 in purple, which is probably available on jet pens. unfortunately, it's not a needle point, which is becoming rarer, but the signo pens are pretty great.
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Nevermind, looks like Jetpens is sold out. :(
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The Mach 3 pens were discontinued a while ago by Morning Glory. A company called Lineplus makes a pen called Gazelle which appears to be a replica of the Mach 3. There may be an OEM relationship between Lineplus and Morning Glory, according to Namu Wiki - they actually have an entry just for the Morning Glory Mach line of pens.
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I have no idea whether these Chinese pens are any good, but the prices are pretty darn good...
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Two semi-related suggestions: you might also like these .38mm pens with adorable cat toppers, or Uni's Signo pens (I love these.)
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Chicago-wise, there is a stationery store in the shopping area around the H-Mart in Niles (by King Spa). They have a ton of pens, and you might be able to find a substitute or something similar.
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Oh, shoot, just caught that you moved - sorry!
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I get my fine needle point rollerballs from AliExpress, here is a reliable seller with reliable pens; a purple ink is available on that page. Price is less than a dollar a pen with shipping. Order a bunch.
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If a slightly larger tip is ok, I recommend these Pilot Precise V5 Rollerball pens, which are available in 0.5 mm, purple ink.
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For the record: Sanrio is Japanese, not Korean. So perhaps looking in a J-Mart could bring luck?
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