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I would like to modify or replace the extended cab window on my truck so that my dog can stick his head out the window. What can you suggest?

German Shepherd, 90 lbs
1995 Nissan D21 Extended Cab
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It doesn't look like there's enough room inside the panel underneath the existing window for a roll-down window, but maybe a one that tilts out could work? Even with that setup, though, the dog might not be able to get more than his snout into the breeze. Have you asked your local body shop?
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Yeah, some sort of hinge on the top or side. Aftermarket, these are called pop-out or Safari Windows; for example, here's a kit for a back window. Never seen one for the side; doesn't mean it couldn't be done.
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As I see it, the problem is if the window is open enough for your doggos head, you have a giant piece of glass flapping in the breeze.

Make the glass removable? Replace the window hinge bolts and latch with wingnuts, and pop the glass out when you go for a ride.

I doubt anyone could do any work on the original glass, that curve at the top is tricky.

Maybe the body shop could fill in the curved area, and install a slide style window? I've seen ones for the back glass on pickups.
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I think the easiest way is for your dog to ride shotgun. I had serious qualms about providing any comment without payment of the dog tax and knowing the name of the critter in question.
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Response by poster: Gotta pay the tax I guess (photo taken just an hour or so ago)
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Some searches turned up some sort of latch, but I think that's for the optional "vent" window that only opens like 2-3 inches, not enough for the doggo to poke his snout out, and probably not compatible with your window anyway.

I concur with the "shotgun" approach. Just get chair covers and seatbelt mod that fits through his harness (he'll probably need to wear one)
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