Do you let your time-travelling self sleep with your partner?
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Your time-travelling self has arrived from 2011. Naturally, you make yourself feel at home. Do you let future you sleep with your partner, or do you insist that future you take the futon sofa in the spare room? Your partner doesn't seem to have a problem with it - they'd be sleeping with you, after all. What if you took the sofa route, but you found out your partner had slept with the future you anyway? Would your partner be guilty of infidelity?
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I would kill him immediately. I'm not going to fall into some null-causality vortex just so future-me can get a little nookie.

Future-me would know this, and know that he could never win in a death struggle, so he would steer well clear.
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Not directly on point but for more on stuff like that check out the book The Man Who Folded Him Self. Time Travel and the results of meeting your self in different forms and ages.
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Time traveling self gets the couch, no privileges. He'd already know that, of course.
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That's good shit you're smokin' dude.
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I don't think a future and present you can exist at the same time. I believe that only a past and present you can exist.

If present you went into the future, present you would cease to exist, thus disappearing from the earth completely, only to reappear in the future. Therefore, present you IS future you.

OTOH, if present you went to the past, past you's life remains the same and present you (who is now from the future) can coexist until the past collides with the present.

Therefore I believe your question is moot. It can't happen.
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Someone's been reading The Time Traveler's Wife.
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Working on the assumption that I have more hair and less gut than future me, I imagine mrs nomis would not be tempted.

Then again, future me would have more money than present me (fingers crossed). Plus, he has a TIME MACHINE! That's gotta impress.

Ultimately it makes sense to let future me do whatever he wants as long as he enjoys himself, since that's me in 5 years.
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Damnit, and I misread the question.

To answer the question, unless future you brought back future wife or future mistress, or a boatload of cash, future you gets the boot. But future you would know that, so it's inevitable that future you gets what he wants (since he already knows the past).
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He probably remembers this thread, so just ask him for the Best Answer and go from there.
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It's cheating. Although can you blame him? In his world, present you broke up with the girlfriend 5 years ago for cheating with future you, and for 5 years he's always regretted it and wanted to spend just one more night with her.

My head hurts.
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Yes, threesome. Though it would be way better if my it were my future wife who came--or my future second wife! But wait, current wife doesn't know about future second wife, so that would be awkward. Could wife #1 come up from 1986 for the threesome? Cause she migh be more open-minded to the threesome with future wife #2. Or not. Time travel is so hard!
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I don't think a future and present you can exist at the same time. If you tried to temporally align the future and present you, your time machine's anti-reversor fluxitron would break.

Therefore I believe your question is moot. It can't happen.
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teem wins.
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In fact, if I went to jail for killing my future self, I would demand DNA testing on myself and the decedent, proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that we were genetically identical. I would then be the first person ever incarcerated for the crime of completed suicide, guaranteeing my place in the history books - and, a few years later, I would be guaranteed a daring jailbreak, probably via timetravel-associated mattermission!

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Paging Dr. Freud!
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Someone's been reading The Time Traveler's Wife.

My thoughts exactly.
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On the off-chance this is a practical question, rather than a theoretical one: he is not your future self. He may be a long lost twin, or perhaps a person with extremely good disguise skills, but that's it. Get the shotgun.
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If future me didn't bring future my-partner with him, I'd want to know why not. But not until we'd had the discussion about future futures markets (the one that lets me make vast amounts of money so I can afford to lounge about inventing time machines).
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davejay wins.
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This is exactly why I'm diligently killing future me with self-destructive behavior.
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Bugger that. Future self will arrive with a list of the next five years' World Series, Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, World Cup, Kentucky Derby etc. winners, plus a goodly share of his winnings from having bet these correctly, which I will then use to amass the fortune which he'll be sharing with me.

On preview, flabdablet beats me to it, so my future self first deals with flabdablet before heading my way
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She'd undoubtedly want a threesome, and we'd probably oblige.
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Ignoring any possible interaction paradoxes and tears in the fabric of space-time and all that, here's my answer:

My present self would realize that in my future, my future self will get the opportunity to sleep with my present-self's partner, who is (assuming continuous monogamy) a younger and likely hotter version of future-self's partner. FS would kick PS in the groin for trying to deny both of us the pleasure (FS's current, PS's future) of sleeping with said hot young partner. So if my partner is down for it I would totally tell FS to have fun.

On the other hand, future-self's partner will nag FS constantly because FS doesn't think FSP is good enough anymore and actually went to the trouble of time-travelling back to hook up with PSP (aka HYP). This will begin roughly the morning after HYP hooks up with FS and realizes what it means about the feelings FS has for FSP, who is herself an older version of HYP. HYP will blame PS for the future actions of FS. Thus she will be able to bring up any wrongs committed by PS not just in the past or present, but also in the future, which will probably win any argument. (In the wonderfully circular logic of time-travel, this is also what is likely to cause FS to travel back to be with HYP before any of the relationship problems occurred.)

On yet another point, it is possible that HYP, the partner of PS, dies sometime between the scenario and the world of FS and FS just wants to be with HYP just one more time, for which I could hardly fault him. Of course, FS could not tell PS that this is why he returned, because it would create an alternate reality in which HYP perhaps does not die and thus FS will not have the opportunity to come back and prevent her death.

But if FSP is not the older version of HYP, i.e. we cannot assume continuous monogamy, then it's totally cheating by FS, but you have to hope FS can get away with it and let him go for it. Because rationally speaking, you are the same person, and you (PS) were involved with HYP when you (FS) had slept with her. And I'm almost positive that you as FS will not be regretting having too much sex.
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Somewhat related: Spider Robinson's short story "...And Subsequent Construction" deals with a similar situation.
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And if my partner didn't have a problem with it, I'd have to rethink the relationship. Cuz that's some weird shit right there.
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When I was a kid I left out a piece of paper on the window ledge, saying to myself that when I'd invented the time machine, I'd come back and write important notes to my junior self on it. Next morning it was blank, and I thought that meant I'd never invent the time machine.

Now I have invented it, I wish I could remember exactly which fucking date I left the bit of paper out on.
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... paper out on so I could write down some v. important girls' names and instructions.
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I'd at least want to watch, so yeah, future me gets the nod.
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