Cell phone customization
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Useful sites (or your own hints/tips/tricks) for fiddling with my new cell phone?

I just upgraded my LG cell phone from a VX6000 to a VX8100. The only thing the Verizon folks transfered over were my contacts. I'd like to transfer everything else (calendar, ringtones, photos, etc.) myself - as well as load my own mp3's from computer to phone. I've done some homework and found bitpim, a source for data cables, and some seemingly useful forums. But can you point me in the direction of other useful sites? Or throw in your own $.02?
(I searched AskMe, but didn't find much. I also googled, but there's a ton of stuff out there. And you all are so smart, and helpful, and good looking...)
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ORM, if you ever figure out a way to transfer one of the VX6k's built in ring tones to the VX8100, let me know. I have it from reputable sources that this is impossible, but if it turns out not to be, I miss my old ring tone something fierce.
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Ditto! I only used a few tunes - Hallelujah Chorus, Mozart #40, etc.
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